• True Leadership:
    Resilience in Chaos

  • Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai delivering a lecture on The Indian Way: A 21st Century Model for Innovation at Godrej Innovation Center,  Mumbai, India

  • In this talk, True Leadership: Resilience in Chaos, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai uses his own example of how he rose and fought challenges and personal attacks as the inventor of email. The following points are brought into focus in this talk:

    • How innovation can happen anytime, anyplace and by anybody.
    • How the military-industry-academic complex tries to put down the independent inventor.
    • His own personal story of facing unsavory and disturbing attacks to his claim as the real inventor of email in 1978.
    • The importance of Systems Thinking with respect to technology and understanding true leadership.
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  • SYSTEM AND REVOLUTION: The Science to Achieve Any Goal in Life

  • This book by Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai teaches you the fundamental Principles of All Systems, be it your Body, your Business, or the World. Learn the principles of systems so you can learn the science to achieve any goal in life.

    You will learn how the body is a system, and how you can achieve real health and well-being, unique to you, by learning how your body works as a system. You will be provided an amazing tool to understand the scientific principles by using Your Body, as a System. Health and well-being will be a result, but you will learn much more about how to affect any system to get the goals you, your family and your community desire.

    Any one will benefit from this book. Its applications are universal. You will benefit in unimaginable ways by being able to “connect the dots” across many aspects of life from politics and society to health and medicine to innovation and technology.

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