• CytoSolve:
    The Revolution in Medicine

  • Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai as distinguished speaker and part of the panel on Redefining Discovery for the 21st Century at Partnering for Cures 2015.

  • What Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai did for for communication with the invention of email, he is now doing for medicine with the invention of CytoSolve. Within the next five years, every major pharmaceutical company, nutraceutical company, consumer packaged goods company, research foundations and institutions will need CytoSolve if they are to be relevant. CytoSolve provides a powerful platform to accelerate the discovery and development of therapeutics, nutraceuticals and functional foods.

    In this talk, CytoSolve: The Revolution in Medicine, he will cover the foll topics:

    • The perils of the modern pharmaceutical industry.
    • The five problems of academic research.
    • Beyond Systems Biology - an engineering systems approach to medicine.
    • In-silico modeling: The gateway to precision medicine.
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  • VA SHIVA's Latest Book

  • SYSTEM AND REVOLUTION: The Science to Achieve Any Goal in Life

  • This book by Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai teaches you the fundamental Principles of All Systems, be it your Body, your Business, or the World. Learn the principles of systems so you can learn the science to achieve any goal in life.

    You will learn how the body is a system, and how you can achieve real health and well-being, unique to you, by learning how your body works as a system. The forces of Transport, Conversion and Structure affect all forms of Matter, Energy and Information throughout nature. You will be provided an amazing tool to understand the scientific principles by using Your Body, as a System. Health and well-being will be a result, but you will learn much more about how to affect any system to get the goals you, your family and your community desire.

    You will also understand the unifying principles of all systems, which will provide you the knowledge to make revolution on any system, here and now.

    Any one will benefit from this book. Its applications are universal. You will benefit in unimaginable ways by being able to “connect the dots” across many aspects of life from politics and society to health and medicine to innovation and technology.